About Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Types of Special Educational Needs


Autism Spectrum Disorder(I)

– Published on 1 June 2021 –

Have you ever met anyone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? What is your impression of them? They are often considered as rude and eccentric; however, is such behavior intentional? Let’s learn about their daily challenges and thoughts!


Autism Spectrum Disorder(II)

– Published on 10 August 2021 –

In the last video, we shared the information of one of the special educational needs, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In this video, we would like to further bring you to the world of ASD by introducing the real story of Ah Wai. Let’s check out the video now!


特殊學習困難 ‧ 讀寫障礙篇(I)
Specific Learning Difficulties ‧ Developmental Dyslexia(I)

– Published on 19 March 2021 –

Have you ever heard of Developmental Dyslexia? Apart from the most commonly mentioned difficulties in reading and writing, are you aware that dyslexic individuals also encounter challenges in family and social settings? What kinds of help can be offered to the dyslexic peer or family member? Let’s learn more from this video!


特殊學習困難 ‧ 讀寫障礙篇(II)
Specific Learning Difficulties ‧ Developmental Dyslexia(II)

– Published on 30 April 2021 –

In the last episode, we introduced challenges encountered by dyslexic individuals in different settings. How do they deal with these difficulties in reality? Let’s listen to the sharing of our guests and get some tips from them!


Introduction to Special Educational Needs (SEN)

特殊教育需要你知多少? (一)
How much do you know about Special Educational Needs (SEN)? (Part I)

– Published on 18 January 2021 –

How well do you know about Special Educational Needs? Come and check out our video to find out the answer!


特殊教育需要你知多少? (二)
How much do you know about Special Educational Needs (SEN)? (Part II)

– Published on 25 January 2021 –

In our last video, we discussed some common misconceptions regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN). You may wonder what some major types of SEN we have in the society. Let’s check out our Part II video for more information!