Summer Interns 2020

CHAN, Wing Shun Chloe
Year 1, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Hello, this is Chloe, a year 1 student majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. Working as an intern in the SLR lab provides me a great opportunity to interact with children. Not only do I learn how to communicate with children, but I also learn to be more observant with children’s facial expressions and behaviors. The children were very cute and I enjoyed working with children very much. I was also assigned to the dyslexia intervention game design project. It allows me to be familiar with different graphic design platforms such as Canva and Adobe Illustrator which are very useful for my study as well.





CHAN, Yan Ping Winnie
Year 1, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

Hi, I am Winnie. I am a year 1 social science student who is going to major in psychology and counselling at the University of Hong Kong. I am interested in psychology and language. I enjoy working with different people, especially children. I am glad that I can engage in different projects during the internship. It is an eye-opening experience which gives me a deeper understanding of SEN children, as well as researching. It is my pleasure to work with all of you in SRL lab.





CHANG, Pui Lam Cilla
Chinese Language and Literature, The University of Hong Kong

My name is Cilla and I am studying Chinese Language and Literature, Counselling and Education at the University of Hong Kong. I am really glad to join this SLR Lab Internship as it gave me a vulnerable chance to meet new friends, do research and testing, and also work with many children. The outbreak of COVID-19 has not become an obstacle to us, and we still cooperate well through the Internet. I am very grateful that we still successfully conducted testings in this social situation.






CHUANG, Wing Yi Stephanie
Year 1, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

I’m Stephanie, a year 1 student majoring in psychology and counselling at the University of Hong Kong. Witnessing children’s growth and achievements are nothing but satisfying and pleasurable. Since I found myself particularly attracted to child development, I aspire to serve and devote myself to the field of developmental and educational psychology. The lab has provided me with hands-on experience in interacting with children with ASD, dyslexia projects, and research-based works, which has indeed been an inspiring experience. I am delighted to be one of the summer interns 2020. I wish to pursue my career in related fields in the future!





FU, Suet Yau Yoyo
Year 2, Department of English Language and Linguistics, Lancaster University

I am Yoyo, a year 2 linguistics student studying at Lancaster University. I am interested in child language acquisition and phonetics since I started to learn more foreign languages. I love to meet different people and hope to help those in need. For these reasons, I hope to work in the field related to speech therapy after graduation. Working in the SLRL this summer provides me with opportunities to interact with kids and learn more about the language development of children. Through completing different tasks in this internship, I got to know the process required to develop a research project. It helps me to think of more ideas on structuring my final-year dissertation. All in all, participating in the SLRL summer internship is a rewarding experience and I enjoyed it a lot.





FUNG, Wing Man Minnie
Year 2, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Hello, I’m Minnie, a Year 2 student majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. Before being an intern in the SLR lab, I had no idea about clinical research. Thanks to the ample opportunities given, I am more familiar with testing and processing data now. With all the welcoming and supportive lab members, I worked without pressure and enjoyed a rewarding summer. One more thing to add − due to COVID-19, I have experienced my first WFH too!




LAW, Juk Lam Victoria
Year 3, University of British Columbia

Hello, I’m Victoria, a third-year Speech Sciences student at University of British Columbia. I aspire to become a Speech-language pathologist to help children with communication and swallowing problems. I have gained related experience in different environments, such as private tutoring and volunteering. This internship was a valuable opportunity for me to gain more training in this field. I have definitely learned a lot in this program, especially when it comes to interact with children. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I really enjoyed working in SLR lab in this summer.





LIU, Wing Yan Winnie
Year 3, The University of Hong Kong

I am Winnie, a year 3 student at the University of Hong Kong majoring Speech and Hearing Sciences. I joined the lab’s internship as I would like to learn more about speech and language development and disorders in children, and how we can conduct researches on these aspects. The lab has provided me the chances to interact with children and allowed me to take part in research projects. These experiences were precious, and I had a good time working with everyone in a lab!






LUK, Yee On Effie
Year 1. BSc (Hons) Speech & Language Pathology, The University ofStrathclyde

I am Effie, a 1st year student of BSc Hons Speech & Language Pathology at University of Strathclyde. I am interested in medical sciences and linguistics. I particularly enjoy working with children and vulnerable adults. It has been a pleasure to work at SLR lab this summer and I have gained much knowledge about ASD and dyslexia. I would love to continue developing theoretical knowledge alongside research experience and contribute to the speech and language service after university. 





NG, Sze Ching Patrina
Year 2, Speech and Language Therapy, University of Essex

My name is Patrina, a second-year student studying speech and language therapy at the University of Essex. As a summer intern in the SLR lab, I was assigned to do several tasks which are related to the ASD project with other lab members. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work in the lab throughout this summer, especially gaining experience in conducting online testing with children due to the pandemic. Also, I aspire to pursue a career in speech and language therapy.






TSE, Si Lum Jess
Year 2, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Hello, my name is Jess. I am a Year 2 student from the University of Hong Kong. I chose Speech and Hearing Sciences as my major because I am interested in language, and I love helping and interacting with people. I am glad to be able to work at the SLR lab as it offers me a lot of opportunities to work with children, do coding and get involved in teaching materials development. I have enjoyed the time spent in the lab!






WAI, Wing June Justine
Year 2, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University

My name is Justine Wai, a Psychology and Criminology student, who will be going into final year. I have an interest in research on children with SEN and school-based educational psychology practices. Since working at the SLR Lab last summer, I have further developed my understanding of dyslexia and ASD, through studying developmental psychology. This year, my experience was just as meaningful, as I got to engage with children from different backgrounds and developmental needs. Hopefully, I can apply this knowledge to my part-time employment at a nursery, where I sometimes encounter children facing various challenges in communication and learning.




WONG, Hoi Lam Karen
Year 2, Department of Human Communication Sciences, The University of Sheffield

Hello, I am Karen. I love working with children and am interested in developmental disorders of communication. I am aiming to pursue a postgraduate degree and career in speech therapy.
First off, I’d like to thank everyone in the lab for this opportunity, whose guidance and support enabled me to make the most out of this experience despite the pandemic. This internship had been fulfilling and I got to put my learning into practice. I particularly enjoyed the testing sessions where I got to engage with children and parents, which enhanced my patience and time management skills, and hopefully equipped me with a realistic insight into this field. I also really appreciated the chance to do research and testings in Cantonese, as it was vastly different from my experiences abroad and again reminded me of the diversity of child language and literacy development and difficulties that could arise in different language settings.



YUE, Pui Yan Charmaine
Year 2, Department of Speech and Language Therapy, School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex

I am Charmaine, a year 2 student of BSc Speech and Language Therapy at University of Essex. My pursuit of choosing speech and language therapy as my career was motivated by meaningful volunteering experiences when I was a secondary school student. I have always found myself interested in working with children. The most enjoyable task in this internship is carrying out testing with primary school children. I have further developed my assessment skills and skills in modifying my communication style with different children. It also enhances my belief in the importance of building bonds between therapists and clients during testing sessions. Through performing research-related tasks (i.e. reading literature and writing literature reviews), it has brought me some new insight on some topics that I would never have the opportunity to encounter in my UK undergraduate course, such as the cohesion between the acquisition of Cantonese and English. It has been a privilege to work in the SLR Lab for two months. The lab manager and other lab members were very supportive and patient in teaching and giving me feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience in SLR lab.



YUEN, Beatrice
Year 2, Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto-St George Campus.

Hello, my name is Beatrice and I am a second-year student studying Global Health at the University of Toronto. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone and I was very glad that I was able to work in the SLR lab for the summer. Even though I spent most of the time working from home, I was able to learn how experiments were conducted and what kind of analysis is needed to interpret the results. I am quite amazed by how experiments like reading comprehension and answering short questions can help to understand the cognitive process in children with or without dyslexia or autism. Overall, I had a great time in the SLR Lab!